Of Unknown Origins

Curtis Friesen
3 min readFeb 3, 2021


So, I am going to be honest here for a second. By honest I mean raw. Because I strive to write as honestly as I can. I have written for awhile, and this piece got shoved into my drafts folder. I am really tired, and I would rather go to bed. Then again, I often feel that way after a day at the office. I know that I will be just a bit upset tomorrow if I allow the tired feeling to win. So, I sat down to write and I have no ideas at the top of my mind. That is when it is easiest for me to just give writing a pass. So I raided the drafts folder. I have no idea what I was thinking when I titled this piece, but I did leave a stack of now incoherent notes under the title. Now I am sitting here wondering, just what the fuck was I thinking.

Photo by Josh Riemer on Unsplash

No need to bother about that though, because I am just going to launch straight in. You see, I’ve been thinking about the unknown a lot lately. In fact, I’ve launched an entire project around helping founders, pioneers, innovators and early adopters navigate the unknown. I am, in fact, pioneering a new conversation around consciousness. Or pioneering consciousness. If that’s too much too chew on, I am at least on the leading edge of consciousness. It’s really fun, I love it a lot. One of the things that has emerged as a topic of conversation is around goals. We talk a lot these days about impossible goals. Big Hairy Ass Goals, and so on and so forth. What I have oriented my life towards is something I have come to fondly call “The Unknown Goal”. I was pretty satisfied with this as a point of arrival. Until, as good friends are prone to do, one disabused me of such a notion. He reminded me that I am playing a bigger game. That unknown and goals do not, like a hand in a glove, fit.

So what does one call it? When all of their energy is directed to a purpose or an outcome the effect of which is unknown? I thought I had found a way to describe this. Yet, in a truly unknown fashion, I have not arrived. My arrival simply signals a new starting point. Often I try to come to some resolution in my posts. It is late, and I am tired. I am hoping that my laundry is done. If it is, I am making my bed. Tucking myself in, and waking up in the morning. So I am sharing the late night ravings of a man half mad. I hope you enjoy, do you have an unknown (goal)? I decided to leave my notes in below. You may be able to deduce some things about my thought process, enjoy the peak into how my brain works. Love you and good night.

adams event

not sure what i am doing

writing about adventure consciousness

not committing to a guru or path

creating my own path

not the path, but a path

if you want to travel this path with me,

I’ll walk with you, to get you started

end goal… find your own path